Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There isn't room for the both of us...

     At a day past 19 weeks it has become apparent that there simply is not room for both me and baby in my size 0 jeans anymore. As for now the majority of them still fit but they are not nearly as comfortable as my sun dresses and cute leggings and tunics from Victoria Secret. (Dalton let me spoil myself a little). Also I made the mistake of wearing my maternity jeans the other day and they are so comfortable that I may Never go back to wearing regular jeans.

 It may not be very fast but the belly is definitely growing and the baby is becoming more and more active especially right about the time I settle into bed. I can't wait to go back to the Dr. next month and see how much it's grown! And also hopefully find out if it's a girl or boy so I can stop calling the baby it.

P.S. I'm still not quite ready to post a baby bump picture but I promise I won't keep you guys waiting much longer :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tiny kicks...BIG attitude

     As of a few nights ago I have been feeling the baby move on a regular basis. For now they are just tiny flutters or small thumps but I know soon they will turn into actual kicks and even small elbows. I can't wait until they grow stronger as our precious baby continues to grow. More than anything I can't wait until my husband is able to feel them with me. I constantly try to explain to him what it feels like but there are simply no words.

     As many of you already know we had another baby appointment today. We are of course always excited to go and see our perfect baby but this time we were especially excited because we were hoping to get a guess on the baby's sex. Each time we have been so far the Dr. has commented on how stubborn the baby is, it is either moving too much or not wanting to move at all. So why we thought this time would be any different I have no idea because sure enough the baby wanted to keep its back to us the entire time. It did allow us to get two pretty good pictures of its precious little face but of course it wouldn't show us what we really wanted to see. It seems our baby already has it's daddys attitude :D So for now it seems that we will just have to be patient and wait until our next appointment in April. The Dr. also informed me that before then I need to have a serious conversation with the baby about the word cooperation. We'll see how well that actually works.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Caution: Bump Ahead

Every since we found out that we were expecting I've had numerous people ask me the inevitable question...Are you showing yet? Or making comments that they can't wait to see my "bump", well up until now I haven't had a bump to show. Aside from the occasional food baby that I would get, which would be completely gone when I woke up in the morning. But get excited people because I think this time the bump is here to stay. There are no pictures yet but I promise it won't be much longer. For now it's still to small to post, the only people that can really tell are my husband and I and a few people I work with so for now you guys will just have to be patient while "B" and I continue to grow :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Joys and Pains of Pregnancy

     It is true (from what I've heard anyways) that every pregnancy is different. A few years ago I watched my sister breeze through pregnancy with no morning sickness or major complications what so ever. So far just within the first 4 months I am pretty sure I have already experienced every symptom possible. But hey aside from the morning sickness, sleepness nights, frequent bathroom breaks, killer headaches, and feeling like I literally can't even walk up the stairs without being out of breath pregnancy is great!  The important part is that so far with each Dr. visit we continue to get the news that our little one is still healthy as can be and is getting more and more ready each day to join this world. It truly amazes me how much he/she changes between each monthly visit. I am incredibly anxious to see what the little one will look like but judging from it's parents baby pictures my guess is that it will be pretty freakin cute :D