Thursday, April 26, 2012

Such a lovely day..

Family Day/Dalton's re-enlistment

Since the boys are getting ready to leave the troop decided to let them off early today and throw a nice little family day. There was tons of food, games, and even a nice bounce house for all of the kiddos to play in. It was so nice to get to relax and spend time together and also to catch up with some friends..

Not to mention that the weather was gorgeous!! Which for those of you who have either lived here or visited know that's extremely rare. Judging by the red tints on my shoulders I even caught a little sun today (which I was in desperate need of).

Also while we were there Dalton ended up getting to sign his re-enlistment papers making everything official. We can't wait to get back to the states and to our new home away from home which will be at Ft. Belvoir, VA. :D

We're so excited!!!

For those of you wondering...I'll be 6 months on Monday!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's all about the sex....

As many of you know we weren't able to find out the baby's sex at our last appointment due to a certain someone being stubborn so we have been impatiently waiting for our next one in hopes that it would let us have a sneak peak and TODAY WAS THE DAY! After drinking half a cup of coffee and the Dr. constantly moving the ultrasound wand around and pushing on my stomach we were finally able to see what we've all been waiting for.  Also the Dr. informed us that the baby is as healthy as can be and that everything looked great. 

I had intentions of being really creative with this blog post and FINALLY allowing everyone to see the small bump I've acquired over the past 5-1/2 months but due to having a late meeting at work and just being exhausted it didn't happen. I promise to get one up soon but I really couldn't wait any longer to let everyone know that we're having a............................

We are so excited and can't wait for August to get here so we can meet our son!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Which team are you on??

     With only 3 full days left until we know what our little one is (hopefully anyways) I wish I was back home so we could throw this cute little party and everyone could take their guess as to what it will be. Our families and close friends have already cast their vote, as for me I honestly have no clue. I have had dreams and feelings of both. But we will see soon :D For those of you who haven't made your guess yet you have until Wed. at 1:45 (German time of course). So go ahead and cast your vote!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Little Piece of History


     This weekend my husband and I were lucky enough to experience a true piece of history. I'm sure many of you like me studied the holocaust during school at some point in your life and although I'm sure you were horrified by the tragedy of the concentration camps I can honestly say there is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes and walking the grounds were those poor innocent people once stood. Just seeing the walls and fences as we were parking gave me chills. Here are a few pictures from our trip and a little background information:

Incinerator Room

Gas Chamber


This is were a lot of the murders and torture took place.

Some of the other things we were able to see were the remembrance room, the church, the actual bunks were the prisoners slept, the front gate, and so much more. I have more pictures on facebook if anyone would like to see the rest of them.

Front Gate

Arbeit Macht Frei:
Basically translates to work frees or work liberates