Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Read All About It..

Because I'm so behind on keeping everyone updated this will be a slightly longer post as I have tons of things to share.

I think we should start with something good and exciting like oh I don't know maybe announcing the name of our sweet baby boy!
After finding out that we were pregnant Dalton and I shortly began searching for the perfect name and to both of our surprises we actually agreed on them rather quickly. We have had the names picked out since I was about a month and a half along but we decided to keep them to ourselves for the most part until now just in case we had a change of heart and wanted to change it. At first we had two boy names picked out but when we started playing with the middle names it just clicked and all came together so our precious baby boy will be going by.......


I know I know it's adorable!!!

More about baby Owen...I went to the Dr. on June 20th and other than the fact that he is the most stubborn baby in the world everything was absolutely perfect. They monitored his heartbeat (which was the first time I've got to hear it) and also monitored to see if I was having any contractions...they checked to see if I was dilated any which thankfully I wasn't AND I was lucky enough to get to drink that delicious (horrid) concoction that they give you for the glucose screening. (which came back perfect)
He completely refused to show us anything other than him laying there completely still flexing his tiny muscle (he is definitely his daddy's child). As cute as it looked I would have loved to have seen his little face, maybe next time. We will have even more chances now that I will be going every two weeks to make sure everything is ready for baby to make his arrival..I love all of these little things happening because that means that he will be here soon and mommy and daddy can't wait! :D

Enough about baby, for a minute anyways...
I am incredibly blessed with wonderful friends and I was lucky enough that one of them was able to come and visit with me in Germany while Dalton was away. We had such a great time and it was so nice to see her. She stayed with me for two weeks and although I had to work during the week we were able to go out and travel some on the weekends. But as usual the most fun we had involved us sitting around being lazy, watching movies, pinteresting, catching up on girl talk, and eating chocolate cake. Oh and peach cobbler!! Not to mention Leanne had a tons of fun harassing my poor baby while she was here, she constantly poked at him and played with him watching him move and squirm and also she helped me put together his packnplay and swing which was interesting haha. I will definitely miss her now that she is back in TN and I can't wait to see her again at Christmas!! 

I love you Leanne!

And last but not least the more serious information, AKA the one I'm about to get in trouble for...
With daddy coming home soon Owen and myself apparently decided we needed to be a little adventurous by involving ourselves in a car accident yesterday which wasn't in any way our fault. Now before I get a hundred messages from parents and in-laws about what happened, is everything okay, and why in the hell I didn't tell any of you yesterday when we were talking just calm down, take a deep breath, and keep reading :)
The main reason I didn't tell anyone is because I was stressed out enough over the whole situation and to be honest I just didn't really feel like explaining a million times or answering a thousand questions..BUT Owen and I went to the Dr. today and he couldn't possibly be more healthy and the Dr. said everything looked completely normal. The seat belt did lock up which caused some bruising to the muscle and tissue but he said after a few days of rest and taking it easy I will be good as new! So no harm done which means there is no need to send me lots of hate mail for not telling anyone :)