Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Handsome like daddy...

     For those of you who have been wondering how "Baby Shannon" is doing, the answer is awesome!! We went to the Dr. today and everything was healthy as can be. He had a good strong heartbeat, great measurements, and finally has some baby fat on those adorable little cheeks of his! Although the Dr. had me a little worried when I asked if it was still a boy just to be on the safe side and he told me he THINKS it is but he couldn't quite be positive (because the baby wouldn't show off his goodies). So as of now it's still a boy but maybe to be on the safe side we won't order anything else until after the next appointment haha.

     He was so funny at the appointment! The doctor was trying to take his measurements and he was not happy about it so he kicked the ultrasound wand off! Then the poor thing got so frustrated he got the hiccups and just decided to be stubborn after that. So not only does he look like his daddy but has his attitude as well :D I'm completely okay with that though...I love them both to pieces and can't wait to have both of my boys around the house!!

                 Our Precious Little Boy!!

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