Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two week check up.

Well today my sweet little Owen went for his two week check up and what was suppose to be a short trip to the clinic ended up turning in to an all day event. He wasn't suppose to get any shots today and he ended up getting one and also a heel stick (he was NOT happy) and sadly that wasn't the end of his day. After being tortured at the clinic for a bit we were told we needed to go back to the hospital because his circumcision needed to be re-done on one side. Poor little man has been out ever since!

However, all went well at the check up and Owen is as healthy as can be and growing like a weed! He now weighs 12.25lbs and is 22 inches long. The Dr. said everything looks absolutely perfect. Also his umbilical cord fell off today! :)

I had planned on taking some pictures of little man this afternoon and posting them but considering the day he has had I think I will wait until tomorrow or maybe Thursday. This momma is about to take advantage of him being so wore out.

I'll update more soon and promise to post some pictures of our handsome little boy!

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